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to the shortstop peralta. gets a high hop. gets his man. that sends us to the bottom of the eighth inning. as pence is retired for the first time tonight. the big bats of cabrera, fielder, and delmon young coming up. against lincecum. protecting a 2-nothing lead. layaway's back, right? yep, you can pay a little at a time. our boys. husband's sister's boys. play cousins.
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biggest bat of the night provides us with our nikon replay. miguel cabrera, bases loaded, two outs. and popped up in the fifth inning against ryan vogelsong. his frustration continu continues. so has the frustration for the tigers. hitting just .179 in this world series. as a team. the ball one up and in from lincecum. the combination of cabrera and fielder, the best three/four combo in baseball in regular season. three out of 17 combined. it left 12 men on base. the 1-0. on the inside corner. ball and a strike from lincecum. lincecum got the final out in the sixth. two-out walk in the seventh. now works to cabrera. up by two. shattered bat.
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nice diving stop. crawford. what a play! the defense continues for giants. and crawford is right in the middle of it again. >> tim: that might have kept tim lincecum in the game, too. had that ball trickled through, then the left-hander comes in to pitch to fielder. great play by brandon crawford! shattered bat, lunge, made the play. great throw. what a play! >> joe: what a player he is becoming defensively for the giants. >> tim: you bet! >> joe: it would be 19 straight errorless games for crawford. guys committed 18 in the regular season but none in post season when it counts the most. joaquin arias is taking over for sandoval. he is in the game at third. trying to add to the defense. behind lincecum. fielder.
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takes strike two. prince, 0 for 3 tonight. one out of nine in this series. lincecum is rolling. 0-2. struck him out on three pitches. two out. the world series is sponsored by wal-mart. layaway is back in wal-mart on select items now through september 14. nikon one. different kind of nikon. by taco bell steal a base, steal a taco. live mas. two out, nobody on, here is delmon young. d.h. for the tigers, strike one. javier lopez was up. affeldt is back up. they have been flip-flopping the
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left-handers. and santiago casilla with the right-hander for the giants in their pen. hard hit, right at crawford. picks it up. and safe at first. bell can't dig it out. >> tim: it will be an error on crawford, but he had time. after he dropped it, he tried to hurry the throw. and in between hops belt couldn't come up with it. but had crawford taken his time more, made a good throw. he gets young easily. >> joe: so the inning continues on the first error of the post season by crawford. >> joe: now in a 2-nothing game, andy dirks takes a strike. no sign of the left-hander, with affeldt getting loose.
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bochy like the way lincecum is working. trying to get around the error and finish the eighth. what a stab by posey. >> tim: that is a terrific play. by a guy who has great hands. watch. that was so hard. two-seam fastball that keoing, going, going away. posey came up with it. >> joe: now the 1-1. the bottom falling out of the pitches. that's strike two. >> tim: kind of hands it takes to do that? good ones. >> joe: that and a wild pitch keeps young at first. there with two out. 1-2 pitch coming to dirks. strike-out ends the inning and lincecum gets around the error. tigers still can't find a big hit.
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bottom of this ninth inning, at least to me. for bruce bochy. his closer is right-han right-handed. and yet he has a pitcher in tim lincecum, who certainly knows how to finish games himself as a starter. his stuff looks untouc untouchable. so bochy is going to have to decide whether to run tim lincecum back out there, or go to sergio romo, his closer in the bottom of the inning. >> tim: pitched only 2-1/3 innings so if he does come back in this series, it will be in game seven, if, of course, there is one. >> joe: 32 pitches so far for lincecum. that is not an issue. starter all year. activity for the giants in their pen. say this, whoever gets loose out there, somebody starts throwing they are not going to pitch any better than lincecum has to this point. belt fouls one off avil
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avila. 1-1. inside of the right knee for avila. >> tim: in game one, lincecum came in, retired seven in a row. five strike-outs. tonight no, hits again. two base runners. a walk and an error on crawford. three strikeouts. he has been superb. >> joe: came on the air talking about how much better tigers were this year facing right-handed pitching after losing to back-to-back lefties in games one and two. hitting over 20 points higher against right-handers. the tigers have been totally shut down tonight. that ball two. 2-1. as a group hitting less than .179 in this world series. after all the talk the
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pitching of the tigers holding yankees to a .157 team ampl average in the alcs. coke has not allowed a run in the post season. 2 for 2 in save chances, trying to keep at it two-run game. belt. count 2-2. on deck, another lefty, blanco and the switch-hitter sanchez. bottom of the inning, peralta, avila and infante. bottom three. >> joe: here is the 2 2-2. phil coke. got him. one away. go back to that play that posey made with one on, two out, corralling that sinker down and
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away. the home plate umpire fieldin culbreth wearing a mic. here is what he thought. >> there is no way you caught that baseball. >> joe: "there is no way you caught that baseball." that is the way he did it. >> tim: kind of serious. posey using that glove like a sestin in hilie. >> joe: strike to blanco. >> tim: that is an 88, 90-mile-per-hour pitch. so far outside, and how he wraps it so quickly, believe me, that takes an awfully good set of hands do that. >> joe: blanco right in the middle of the only scoring in this game three. in the hole, 0-2. in the second, lead-off
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walk to hunter pence. he stole second on a strike-out by belt. moved to third on a wild pitch. scored on the rbi triple by this man, gregor blanco in to right center. and then blanco scored on a two-out rbi hit to center by crawford. that is it. since then it's been all vogelsong andincecum. 1-2 on blanco. sanchez the switch hitter. d.h. tonight, 0-3 on deck. >> joe: 2-2. sergio romo is up.
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>> joe: blanco is at the plate. romo is in the bullpen. here is a 2-2 pitch from coke. got him on the outside corner. two out. blanco does not agree. >> tim: gregor thought that pitch was outside. breaking ball from coke. >> joe: now sanchez. with two out, nobody on. again, the bottom three in the order coming up for the tigers if the bottom of this ninth. down two games to nothing. strike one.
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good pitch down and away. >> joe: two out bases empty. the 0-1 pitch. strike two. sanchez in danger of striking out to the third time tonight. on the line at the bottom of the ninth inning, no team has ever in the history of the world series come back down three games to nothing. that would be the case if the giants hang on. here comes the 0-2 pitc pitch. 3-nothing deficit for the tigers when they line up tomorrow night
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behind max scherzer against matt cain. scherzer and cain two right-handers in game four tomorrow night. only happened once, that was in 2004. history of the post season. baseball in the alcs. red sox beating the yankees. here comes a 1-2 pitch. two-out, nobody on. struck him out. sending to us the bottom of the ninth. the bottom of the order coming up. peralta, avila, infante. trying to get something going. down by two. in game three. e okay. i'm calling the studio, matthew. you're not shooting today. he bought it. ♪ [ dance ] ♪ oh, yeah life is packed with things you have to do, but sometimes you've gotta live a little. [ screaming ] ♪ oh, yeah - [ children shouting ] - [ growling ] ♪ [ singing in chinese ] look, i don't know what to tell you. ♪ [ singing in chinese ] he's sick. actors get sick sometimes. life moves pretty fast.
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[ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. >> joe: as we go in to the bottom of the ninth
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inning, we have a huge day tomorrow right here on fox. foxtoberfest. it continues. fox n.f.l. sunday double-header. redskins and steelers. late. giants-cowboys. a lot of good matchups early by the way. then the big game late. in arlington, texas. with the giants taking on dallas. then game four of the world series tomorrow night. a matchup of scherzer and matt cain. if necessary, we'll have game five of the world series. no need to leave your couch all month long. keep it here on fox. if there is a game five, that depends on what happens here in the ninth inning and obviously tomorrow flight, the tigers will have the luxury of sending justin verlander back to the hill. trying to get this series back to san
11:22 pm
francisco. right now in game three down by just two. it's sergio romo in the game. to deal with the bottom three in the line-up. theers' hitters and the difference from the alcs to this world series. three games, three total runs, hitting .179. one home run. first up here in the bottom of the ninth inning. jhonny peralta. >> tim: we were talking about it last inning. it's tempting to leave tim lincecum after throwing only 32 pitches in this game. sergio romo has saved 14 of 15 this year. one blown save. that is it. >> joe: he saved game two. second save of the post season. giants lost their closer brian wilson in april. it has evolved to where it's romo's job.
11:23 pm
bottom of the nine's inning. peralta. ball one outside. lincecum, 2-1/3. no runs. no hits. struck out three, walked one. pitched around an error. vogelsong in line for the win. here is a 1-0 pitch. try to hold up. might have been a strike anyway. 1-1. >> tim: romo fastball, slider. primarily sliders to right-handed hitters. >> joe: here is a 1-1 pitch to peralta. on the outside corner. strike two. three in a row. >> tim: that one perfect.
11:24 pm
>> joe: peralta lined out twice. 0 for 3 on the night. trying to get on to start the ninth inning. romo's 1-2. he did not go. 2-2. >> tim: the right-handed hitters just have to take the outside part of the plate. away from romo. that was very close. i think a good call by brian o'nora. >> joe: so the count, 2-2. fouled away. nothing but sliders from sergio romo. >> tim: five in a row.
11:25 pm
>> joe: now a 2-2. breaking ball again. this one a little more on the plate. peralta who has been reaching for last few pitches fouled it away. in the regular season he hit .239. 13 home runs. he is one for ten in this world series. >> tim: fast ball
11:26 pm
inside. >> joe: encouragement from buster posey. that is ripped down the line. in to the corner. it's caught for the out! gregor blanco down the line. and he got to it before this ball could bounce in foul territory. what a catch! >> tim: he is all over the place in left field. two great catches. in game two. peralta can't believe it. he finally got a fastball inside, after six breaking balls. romo is appreciative. that is an understatement. >> joe: what a defense. i know crawford made the error last inning but the defense continues to shine. to back up this tremendous pitching by the giants. with one out, here is avila. ball one. down and in.
11:27 pm
jo the interesting thing about romo, he will can that slider against left-handed hits. it floats in the vulnerable down and in area where the left-handers can handle it. >> joe: the 1-0 pitch. came back for strike one. romo is not a mid-90s guy with the fastball. >> tim: no. no. right. >> joe: 89 for strike one. >> tim: relies on mov movement. >> joe: avila has a hit tonight. 2-1.
11:28 pm
>> joe: here is a 2-1 pitch to avila. in to left centerfield. two-hit, right pagan. the giants are one out away from a 3-nothing series lead. that will bring in omar infante. with two out, nobody on. >> tim: as much as anybody on either side, omar infante really knows how to play the game. he knows how to play the odds. we have seen him bunt in a situation like this. to try to just get on. ariaswen the bag on first base. >> joe: tigers need just one base runner to have a chance. romo trying to prevent
11:29 pm
that. and save it for vogelsong. strike one. did square around. that is in from third base. now backs up. on deck is jackson. right now is up to infante for the tigers to try and extend it. giants one out away from the 3-0 lead. here is the 0-1. strike two. good slider from romo. infante set up, nothing nothing-2. the next.
11:30 pm
wouldn't go after it. >> tim: if there was ever a chance to dive across that plate and hit a ball to right-field, now is the time for infante. forget about anything inside. it's not going to happen. he knows that. >> joe: omar with two strikes. >> joe: breaking ball is fouled. left side. that ball will get out of play. >> tim: blanco thinks he can catch anything. especially ball -- even bae stands. >> joe: he is so fast. >> tim: he realls. >> joe: he gets to everything. that one was five rows out of his reach.
11:31 pm
>> joe: the tigers were shut out in game two. they have been shut out so far tonight. even five hits. the 1-2. fouled back. up a little bit. buster posey is going to go out and talk to romo. >> tim: the last two sliders were hittable. he just has such good control against right-handed batters. that slider is going away, away, away. it seems never to end. boomeranging outside, almost. >> joe: infante set up with the ball and two strikes. two hits tonight. the only tigers with more than one hit.
11:32 pm
that ends it! giants take a three games to nothing lead. and brilliant pitching again here tonight. by san francisco. vogelsong, lincecum, romo. >> tim: it bears repeating, joe, the detroit tigers were shut out twice this year during the regular season. 162 games. they have been shut out two games in a row. both #-nothing losses in the world series. unbelievable. >> joe: in the national league you have to go back to the 1919 reds who did it to the white sox. the white sox scandal in the world series. back-to-back shutout. last time in world series play. 1966 orioles over the dodger dodgers. bruce bochy has to be elated
11:33 pm
with the job his club has done. they got a big swing of the bat tonight from gregor blanco. and they rode the right arms of vogelsong, lincecum and romo to a 3-nothing series lead. here is how it ended. as posey hung on. a foul tip, strike-out a romo got his second save of this world series. the giants celebrate their one win away. from their second world championship. in their last three years and their second since moving to san francisco. back in '58. go down to chris myers. >> chris: joe, i'm with ryan vogelsong. another huge pitching performance from you and the giants. your secret in the post season, ryan? almost unhittable. >> player: i'm blessed. it really am. i'm blessed. i felt like we had a good game plan coming in. i tried to execute as many
11:34 pm
pitches as i could. i don't really know what else to tell you other than that. the balls i hit were at people. we played great defense again like all series and the post season. an i'm just blessed. >> chris: you had inning ending double play in first and third and the bases loaded situation in the fifth. how did you get through that? >> player: just made pitches. yeah, just, i knew my stuff was pretty good. i felt like it might have been better two games against st. louis. but i continue to try to make pitches. hit off the glove. did a great job. he caught a good game all the time. we're on the same page all night. >> ris: joe and tim chronicled your journey through baseball at age 35 to be standing out on this mound. and pitching in a game like this and to come through. it those be special emotionally for you. >> player: it was special before the night even started. being able to pitch a game in the world series is something, you know, two years ago before this started i never thought was going to ha.

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